ACNH API is a free RESTful API for critters, fossils, art, music, furniture and villagers from Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

This started for me as a little side project for me but ended up getting much attraction than I ever thought it would get (~3 000 000 requests per day).

The API is free and without authentification to make it easy for anyone to start developing on a subject they like.

If any of the information on the website is wrong or outdated, you can either contact me on Discord (Alexis#8717) or make a pull request on the repository linked bellow.

Buy me a coffee or donate directly through PayPal and help contribute toward the server costs to keep this service free!


All the JSON data from this API is under CC BY 4.0 license, the images and music assets are the sole property of Nintendo.

The documentation for the API can be found here.

No authentification is required to make requests to any of the endpoints which can be accessed over HTTP or HTTPS. All the data from the API can be found in JSON format on the following repository.

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ACNHAPI is a fan made API/Website and claims no ownership of any intellectual property associated with Nintendo or Animal Crossing. All assets found on the site and the repository are the sole property of Nintendo and are only used for non-commercial and educational purpose.

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